Develop My Block connects Queensland property developers with land owners.

Through careful analysis and expert processes, we facilitate maximum financial benefits for both parties.

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At Develop My Block, we put our expertise to work to source properties for developers and development groups by acting as a conduit between property developers and qualified property owners.

Control of properties is offered to developers through a property option and is available with or without any development approvals in place, yet the owner retains all right title and interest in the land until settlement.
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We identify suitable land all over Queensland.

We also offer below market rate blocks of vacant land to Project Builders, Financial planners, Residential Investment Property Groups & the like through our buying power.

Essentially we act as a medium connecting the various parties.

Please note that due to contractual issues, we are unable to consider properties that are currently listed on the market.
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Because suitable properties can achieve above market rates in exchange for time.

Our expert processes can determine if an otherwise ordinary block of land can have significant value to an appropriate developer.

These rates are only available on properties that match our specific criteria.

Our specialty is adding significant value to properties with development potential.
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If you own a property, either mortgaged or unencumbered, and you think the property may have development potential, we invite you to submit the details of your property for us complete a no obligation appraisal of its development potential.

Through our precise feasibility analyses, we are able to negotiate above market rates for properties that match our specific criteria in exchange for time.

How do we do this?

We force value upon properties matching our criteria through a development approval.

We cover all costs associated with the development approval, and development approvals are done in the property owner’s name. You, the property owner, are the direct beneficiary of our time, skill and money. Should the property not be settled on by the developer, you retain the property and are the direct beneficiary of its increased value.

Whether your block of land is small or large, with or without buildings or dwellings, it may have development potential.

Simply submit the details of your property, obligation free, on our property owners submission page.

We will then evaluate your property and advise you of its development potential.

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We take the hard work out of finding the right block to suit your future developments.

We understand that developers are good at developing and builders are good at building.

At Develop My Block, we are great at finding your required development site.

Simply complete the property developers submission form and we will match it against the properties listed in our database, obligation free.

If we don’t currently have a property matching your requirements, we will find you one that does. It is as simple as that.

Part of our service involves a detailed property feasibility analysis which we perform to evaluate the profitability of a site.

Once we source a profitable property matching your criteria, we take control of the property through an option document. We then sell this document to you. You are then able to control the property without having to settle on it until the option expiry date, limiting your holdings cost and allowing you to seek development approvals before this date. This allows you to begin construction from the day you settle on the block because all necessary development approvals are already in place. We seek option terms generally from 24-36 months.

Have a current land development underway? Need sales/pre-sales to qualify for construction finance? Click on the next tab above to learn more then ask how we can help you move large volumes of blocks each month.

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There is value in volume for Project Builders, Financial Planners & Residential Investment Property Groups.

At Develop My Block, we offer a service to Project Builders, Financial Planners & Residential Investment Property Groups who require regular stock of residential land. This service focuses on volume rather than forcing value upon properties through a Development Approval. By being the conduit and helping land developers sell large volumes of residential blocks, we are able to source blocks of land well below market value & pass these significant savings on to you, our client.

For example, a Developer needs pre-sales to qualify for finance to develop their new land estate. This estate involves 200 blocks of land and the Developer now requires around 35% pre-sales to qualify for bank finance to begin construction. In an instance such as this we would request around 20 or more blocks from the Developer, they would usually see the value we present by moving 20 blocks in one transaction & be happy to pass on a significant discount per block to facilitate the deal. All blocks are level & ready to be built on.

How does it work?

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